Aerial application is a valuable tool for many farmers as it helps spread products that protect crops from insects, disease, fungi, and weeds. Although more expensive than traditional ground application, it has several benefits that make it well worth the price. Here are some of the key advantages.

1. It’s fast and effective
Aerial applicators can spray more acres in an hour than a ground applicator can in an entire day. This added speed is often critical when dealing with disease and insect control.

2. It doesn’t cause soil compaction
Aerial applicators don’t cause soil compaction because the equipment never comes in contact with the field. By contrast, ground applicators often leave wheel tracks that pack down the soil, thereby restricting the flow of oxygen and water to the root zone. This can lead to reduced yields.

3. It evenly disperses products
Aerial application creates a more uniform spray pattern. This is because the product gets applied above the crop canopy. The nozzles on ground applicators, on the other hand, are often too close to their target, which leads to uneven application of crop protectants.

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