(Albany, Georgia)  Thrush Aircraft has announced the return of its popular “Thrush Bucks” program, which rewards the purchaser of every new Thrush with $35,000 that can be spent on parts, options or training programs at the company. The Thrush Bucks program was first unveiled at the 2014 NAAA Convention and proved an immediate success. So much so that customers continued to ask about it years after it initially concluded.

“We understand buyers have choice – not only in the aircraft they choose, but in the timing of their purchase” said Eric Rojek, vice president of Thrush Aircraft. “And to help make that decision a little easier, and hopefully a little faster, we decided to re-instate Thrush Bucks for a limited time.”

The Thrush Bucks incentive program will be in place between now and January 31, 2020. To qualify, a customer need only place an order for a new Thrush, along with a standard deposit. In return, Thrush will award the customer $35,000 in Thrush Bucks, which can be spend on parts, options or any one of the company’s training programs for their new aircraft.

“We wanted to be sure and have this program in place prior to the new spray seasons – both in the U.S. and around the world – to enable buyers to obtain a build slot that would ensure their new aircraft was ready to go right to work” said Mr. Rojek. “It truly represents a win-win for both our customers and for our company – and, most important, it puts more new Thrush aircraft in air and working hard in a short amount of time.”

“$35,000 is a significant amount of money that will hopefully turn the head of just about any operator” Mr. Rojek continued. “It’s our way of putting some additional proof and real strength behind our message that that Thrush is back – and back stronger than ever.”

For more information on the Thrush Bucks program, or to place an order for a new Thrush, customers are invited to call Eric Rojek at (229) 789-0437.

About Thrush Aircraft Company

Headquartered in Albany, Georgia, Thrush Aircraft manufactures a full range of aerial application aircraft used in agriculture, forestry and firefighting roles worldwide. Founded in 2003, Thrush is well-known for building the most durable aircraft in the aerial application and firefighting industries – as well as the best flying – from both pilot and operator perspectives. All Thrush models provide superb visibility, light control response, and a high degree of maneuverability and speed, along with superior efficiency and low direct operating costs. Today there are more than 2,400 Thrush aircraft operating in some 80 countries around the world.