Company’s presence in South America continues to expand with addition of well-known shop in continent’s central region.

(Albany, GA) – Thrush Aircraft continued its strong commitment to expansion of its factory authorized Service Center network with the addition today of Charles Chalking S.A. to its growing worldwide presence.

Located in Paysandú, Uruguay, Charles Chalking S.A. is the country’s oldest and well respected aerial application company. Founded by its namesake, Charles Chalking S.A. was established in 1948 and continues to be operated by the Chalking family to this day. The company provides a wide range of services to the agricultural aviation community; from extensive aircraft maintenance – including a propeller shop and full aircraft rebuilds – to spray work and even flight training for new ag pilots.

“There is simply no one better than Charles Chalking S.A. when it comes to taking care of agricultural aircraft, their pilots, and their operators” said Juan Phillips, vice president of international sales for Thrush. “We’re extremely proud to have them become part of the Thrush Service Center family – and I feel very confident our customers in the region will enjoy the significantly higher levels of service and experience the company provides” he continued.

There are currently three new Thrush 510G’s operating in Uruguay, along with older Thrush Aircraft. The area is well known for its demanding flying conditions and almost year-round need for spraying, as wheat and soybeans compete with rice as the number one crop. It’s an environment where Thrush aircraft thrive, and they have been well received by operators looking for the durability and productivity the aircraft from Albany, Georgia provide.

Concluded Mr. Phillips: “South American spray operations are some of the most challenging in the world – and everyone at Thrush is dedicated to supporting operations here at the very highest level. The Chalking team will allow us to do just that – and with the same commitment to quality and service in Uruguay that Thrush has become known for around the world.”

Serviced & Supported in Uruguay – This Thrush 510G, and others like it, will now be supported by Charles Chalking S.A. in Paysandú, Uruguay – the company’s newest factory authorized Service Center in South America.