I hope my girls love me like I love you Dad. I hope there’s things that will always make them think of me, as I do of you.

As a kid I couldn’t wait to hear that AgTruck buzz the house and see “Prop” chasing you. I’d hear it go over and I’d stop anything I was doing. I’d run outside warm or cold and hope you’d come by for another pass over us so I could wave. It meant my hero was home. The guy I wanted to be like more then anyone. No ones Dad was as cool as mine. Still isn’t! 😉

I can still pick out the sound of an AgTruck or 206 without even seeing it.

Little stupid things still till this day make me smile. The smell of your first drag off your cigarette.

The way you say “Pull up a chair” when you want to just shoot the shit.

The funny way you yawn. Still the same as when I was a little kid and could hear in my bedroom.

The sound of someone pouring cereal in a bowl. So many late nights you’d go into the kitchen and pour a bowl. I seemed to always be awake and hear it.

The sound of a 6.5 Chevy diesel or an old Powerstroke. Those trucks were yours for so many years.

Campfires. How much you love them. How every fire I’ve ever been at with you you’d say in someway how much you like fires. Haha
How it they always led to stories.

I truly look up to you Dad. More then ever. Your work effort, your dedication to better your family and to give us everything you ever could. You are what I want to be as a father and a man.

I know this is random, I just couldn’t sleep tonight and this was all on my mind. Life is way to short to not tell loved ones how we feel. So this is me telling you.

I love you Dad.

Fly Safe.

Dustin, son of Terry Spence, Bonnyville Air Services, Canada.