Turbine Conversions, Ltd received ANAC STC # 2015S04-03 on April 11, 2018 for its Single Point Fueling System installation on all models of Thrush Aircraft and All models of Air Tractor (401, 402, 501, 502, 602 and 802).

“TCL has been actively trying to bring our quality products to the South American market for the past several years. There is so much potential in this market place and we want to be able to support the Brazilian Ag Operators by offering our amazing fueling system that brings added safety and efficiency to their businesses.”, Ann Hatfield – Grahek, Marketing.

“Turbine Conversions is pleased to be able to expand our Single Point Fueling System STC to Brazil and to include Aeroglobo Aeronaves to our family of installation centers as the first South American approved distribution and installation center for Single Point Fueling Systems.” Bill Hatfield, President of Turbine Conversion, Ltd. “It is continued cooperation with quality companies such as Aeroglobo Aeronaves that makes Turbine Conversions, Ltd a leader in innovative products for the agricultural aviation industry.”

About Turbine Conversions, Ltd – Turbine Conversions, Ltd is a family owned and operated company that has specialized in the manufacturing of PMA parts and FAA approved innovative enhancements that improve safety and profitability for aircraft since 1990.


For more information contact Ann Hatfield – Grahek at 616-837-9428 or amgrahek@yahoo.com

About Aeroglobo Aeronaves – Leading distribution center in South America for quality products for the Agricultural Aviation Industry


For more information contact Fernando Martin at +55 (14) 3814-3450 or fernando@aeroglobo.com.br