Come and see what AgNav can do for you! We are more than happy to show you that what you wished last year now come true.

While at the 2019 NAAA, please make the time to attend our educational presentation on Ag-Mission and guidance systems on Monday November 18 at 13:00.

Make sure you stop by the AgNav booth 1201 and get a FREE registration for Ag-Mission software.

What is Ag-Mission?

This is the latest web application designed by AG-NAV Inc., for pilots, office staff, clients, suppliers, inspectors, ground personnel, GIS personnel, and any one who need to make work orders for aerial application. Agmission will do what it says “Make a Mission for AG work”.

The web application allows you to generate a full work order including product description, application rate, swath width, spray polygons, exclusion zones, buffer zones, flight lines, obstacle view and new entries, aircraft and ground crew tracking, application reports, and much more; so you can load the work order to your AgNav systems or others that take the SHP file format.

The application is FREE for you when registering at the NAAA. Take advantage now before it gets a price tag added to it.

While getting your free Ag-Mission subscription, make sure you talk to our staff about the best Nav system in the industry. With 28 years in the industry and loads of experience, we have developed the Nav systems to suit all your needs from a very simple application to the most sophisticated one, from manual to automatic spray, manual and auto flow controllers, variable application rates, dry and wet materials, etc…. The AgNav systems have been used for many applications including agricultural spraying, forest protection, and mosquito control by both private and government sectors.

Come and see how technology works for you!

We look forward to seeing you at the NAAA 2019 and other trade shows.